1 more day to go. We are ready!!!

August 20, 2018

Sorry guys. I have been a bit busy with life and haven’t been updating. Well, I’m happy to update that now, 1 day to showtime, we are finally READY!

Take a look at our rehearsal video.

This is after 6 hours of rehearsals. Sat 7-10p.m and today 330-530p.m.

Let me backtrack a bit and cover a bit of action before today.

Yesterday, on sat, we had the first rehearsal with the musicians, our lead Hindi singers for Jai Ho, Vishnu and Ravinder as well as our chorus.

So our Saturday rehearsals started at 7p.m and the practise was off to a good start with Ravinder and Vishnu impressing us very much with their Hindi singing of Jai Ho. Michael strengthened the soprano vocal lines with Vishnu at the chorus and all was looking promising.

However, with choreography to do and a new song to learn, the ladies were getting pretty stressed and flustered. “I can’t do this.” “This is so hard” were some of the lines heard.

So we simplified and we worked out something and after a bit of coaxing, they came out of their shells and starting rocking to the beat.

Look at us. This was us after 3 hours of heavy Jai Ho workout.

The above photo was us doing our crazy “changing lightbulb” move. It was very chic bollywood don’t you think?

Well what do you do after you have burned off some calories and used up all your energy???

SUPPER of course! So like all good musicians we needed to recharge. So off we went to Liang Seah street and we had a well-deserved supper / dinner for some and asked the waitor to take some photos of us afterwards.

Turned out the waitor was on video mode so we ended up with this funny “video” of us posing for the photograph!!!

Fastforward. today at 530p.m, we finally completed finished teaching those who couldn’t turned up yesterday the steps for Jai Ho and learned from scratch Heal the World – All Stars and I must say we are pretty proud of ourselves!!!

So I would like to introduce to you the team who will be performing on 25th Jan at the Shine Auditorium to raise funds for the Chennai floods.

Seated: From left
John Teo (Guitarist), Gennevie Nerva ( Singer), Rio ( Cajorn and our HUH master for Jai Ho), myself and our Star of Jai Ho, Michelle ( Mandolins). The song was finally complete because of her.

Second Row:
Ravinder ( our Hindi Singer for Jai Ho), Jessica (Performers Manager), Athena ( Singer ) , Jac ( Singer) , Michelle ( Singer, 2nd Keyboard), Trevor ( Singers’ Whip)

Third Row:
Vishnu ( Hindi Singer for Jai Ho) , Michael ( Singer) , Aaron ( Singer) , Lionel ( Drummer. Didn’t know he is such a good drummer)

Well, as you can see, we had a LOT of FUN and WORKED VERY VERY HARD to get this up. So please be there. We hope in our small little ways, we can use our talents to do our best for those in need and do our parts for charity.

Well, so we hope to see you tomorrow for this event and I hope that we get invited to perform for more meaningful and worthy projects. Anyway, you know how to contact me since you are reading this blog.

I also want to thank all the performers for sacrificing their time, their energy and contributing to this performance.

So once, again the event is at

Shine Auditorium

100 Beach Road

#03-01 Shaw Tower

Singapore 189702


Monday, 25 January 2016 from 18:30 to 21:30 (SGT)


Well, Ravinder mentioned that he will be wearing his Yellow Turban tomorrow. I sure am looking forward to that. Look out for us!!!