6 days to 25th Jan Performance

August 20, 2018

The day has ended pretty much effectively.

Today I added a few more members to the team.

1) Michael ( Singer)
2) Michelle (Mandoline Player)
3) Nicole ( Dancer for our Jai Ho Song)
4) Jessica ( Singer)

This brings the team to a total of 14 pax.

7 Singers
1 Lead Dancer
6 Musicians

What a team!

Lionel suggested to bring his drum set to make it more happening. And I think this gave me an idea to put Michelle Faustina on the 2nd keyboard with me to create the Violin / Strings sound.

I think we need an extra practice before Sunday.

Other milestones:
1) Found some good videos online that we can learn to sing and dance to. Preferably not difficult ones cos we don’t have much time.
2) Sound equipment list sent to organiser
3) Found my old scores for Jai Ho
4) Musicians are updating the scores for the other songs.

Final Song List looks like:

1) Heal the World
2) Fragile
3) You’ve got a friend
4) Jai Ho

Still pending:

1) Extra dancers from Callie side.
Well looks like things are on track.