How I am putting together a performance in 7 days on the 25th of January.

August 20, 2018

(These are some members of my awesome Music Team. Photo taken during my recent 40th Birthday Concert celebrations)

Hi all. Many people have asked me how do I put together a performance so fast. In the next few blogposts, I’m going to share with you some of the methods I use to manage the organisation of a performance so that I get a professional performance up to scratch in a very short time. In fact I hope to give updates of what goes on and the amount of preparation that goes into putting up a performance.

My disclaimer first: There is a chinese saying ” 台上三分钟 台下十年功” Translated, this means 3 mins on stage equals 10 years of hardship learning the craft. So while what you watch on stage often looks “simple or easy”, or if the performer seems to effortlessly get it up in no time, the part which most people do not see is the years of practise that went into it. DO NOT ATTEMPT this if you are unsure. I kid you not, it can be stressful, even for me.

So in the next series of blogposts, I’m going to track my journey towards the performance on the 25th Jan and how I’m putting it togehter. The peaks, the challenges etc. Hopefully you will be able to do this for yourself in the future.

About a week ago, my friend Patrick Liew asked me to put together some musical performance for a event to raise money for Mercy Relief. There was a major flood in Chennai in Dec last year and many families are still affected by this. We hope that through the giving of FREE education on real estate that proceeds from the event can go towards MERCY RELIEF for this purpose. (For more information of the event, check out the link below)

This is really cutting it thin and I know that I must keep my focus and take stock of my resources.

So yesterday 18th Jan was Day 7 to the performance on the 25th of January.

Let me give you a breakdown of what I did yesterday Day 7 to the performance on top of doing my full time work at Get Funding.

Day 7 to the performance.

– Confirmed with Patrick’s PA Raymond that my group has agreed to perform for the event.
– Attended more performers into the whatsapp group I created after I had previously confirmed the CORE GROUP who agreed to be part of this
– Fixed the rehearsal schedule. Due to everyone’s busy schedules, we will only have 1 PRACTISE where everyone will come together.
– I had told my group One Shot, One Kill, One Song
– This method works. Because now everyone is motivated to make sure we do not mess up the ONLY ONE practise we are going to have. ( Please USE THIS METHOD only if your group is very professional and have the same commitment as you to deliver the best)
– People start to step forward. Suggestions to learn the songs earlier on our own etc.
– Then we need to finalise our repertoire. At the end of day 1, the repertoire is 80% finalised.
– We have decided on Heal the World, Fragile, Imagine and depending on how the situation pends out tomorrow, JAI HO. (Oops, it’s no longer just one song)
– JAI HO will be our new ambitious song in a very short time with only 1 rehearsal.
– However, I also know that it will be good to stretch the group of singers and musicians I have and also it is a song that will be perfect for the event.
– I also dropped an email to Yamaha Music, who has been so generous in sponsoring the rental of the keyboard to some of the events that I have been a part of and I asked them again if they would be willing to be the keyboard sponsor for this. (I hope they say Yes)


– John, the guitarist in the group is ever so helpful and he is a much better executer than me. So he jumps in and offer to help me with some aspects of this, finding the video for the guitarist to learn
– I find him the scores so he could look at it first.
– He also keeps me on track and reminds me about the milestones and time line.
– I tell myself he is heaven sent!
– Lionel the other team member suggests another person who would love to be part of this Andrew, A bassist. “For a song like Heal the World, I need a full band” I agree with him. Feeling blessed and grateful once again for my awesome Music team.


– The next thing that I know I must do is to delegate and leverage on their strengths!!!

– So currently my team mates include:
1) Trevor Nerva ( Singer, Guitarist )
2) Aaron ( Singer)
3) Michelle ( Singer, Keyboardist and she is our WHIP. I know I can count on her to whip everyone into shape)
4) Jac ( Singer. She has offered to find me a violinist) She also probably has quite a few friends.
5) Genevie ( Singer, I know she can have fun on stage)
6) Rio ( Cajorn, he is also our energizer)
7) Lionel ( Second drummer for extra effects)
8) Andrew ( Bassist, TBC)
9) John ( Lead Guitarist )
10) Athena ( Singer )


– I know I can’t do everything myself in such a short time, so I ask on facebook if there is a group or someone out there who already knows how to perform Jai Ho. If they join us, it will make our work easier.
– A friend jumps in and suggest another person I can contact. ( The marvels of technology and social media)
– Then I also ask the organisers to help me to connect with the people I need to get this up.


– My plan B was to have Trevor our star singer sing Jai Ho.
– It’s in Hindi, so this will be in unfamiliar territory.
– But amazingly he says YES!!! and he requests to get Hindi coaching.
– Then I threw Aaron, the other curve ball, and asks him to take a look at the song too. No reply. I think he’s already asleep.
– Plan C is to do the English Pussycat Doll Version. Mm. Not a bad plan. That will mean I get to feature the ladies in the group.


I take stock of my resources and the progresses made and make a list of what I need to get settled the next day.

1. Find the people for Jai Ho. To get a clear answer by 5pm today and inform the group so they can prepare
2. Confirm the equipment needed for the day itself.
3. Confirm the programme by 7p.m tomorrow.
4. Plan the rehearsals for the group / groups that will be involved.
5. Give the scores, videos / etc to the group to learn on their own.

So there ends my day. Looking forward to another fruitful and exciting day tomorrow!

By the way, I hope to hear from you. Is this article helpful? This is what you like to read and learn about? Please email me at