Letter to Choral Department, MOE

August 20, 2018

To the Choral Department:

Dear Sir / Mdm,
As a choral conductor, I have a suggestion to make. I’ve heard my fellow colleagues complain about this year’s set piece and there have been previous complains in the past about other set pieces for the SYF competition.
May I suggest that MOE uses the opportunity to encourage more composition efforts by the local composers in Singapore. Create an annual choral set piece composition in which the top 3 composers’ works can be sung at SYF and the local community of choral conductors can get to vote and choose their favourite compositions.

I believe this will encourage the local composition scene and conductors will be happier with the pieces that they choose for the choirs. We will also feel that it’s just handed down to us like there is no choice.
I hope that you can consider my humble suggestion.

Best Regards,
Iris Koh.