I love writing for Musical Theatre, for Choirs, for people I care about, moments I cherish and projects I resonant with. I also have a soft spot for Children's Music. I don't have a "fixed" way of writing. Sometimes the words come first, other times the music. I like to work with others too, especially if there's "chemistry" to collaborate. I'm trained in pop, classical and musical theatre and I get my influences from these sources. The subject matter and my inspirations come from my life. Having grown up in the Catholic faith, a lot of my Music comes from my own spiritual journey. I draw from my life, the people around me and the events that affect me. The best music I wrote flowed easily for I simply listened to what needed to be said and let my heart guide me.  

Writing music can be very lonely. Every work I write, I feel like I'm giving birth to a creative child. Sometimes the child grows up to make something of himself / herself. Other times, it's a still born. Sometimes an encouraging word, a share, a like or simply when you replay a video to increase the views makes my day. The only reason why I keep writing, is cos the music wants to be heard and I cannot keep it wrapped up, inside of me. 

Shoe Stories performed by VOCO Singapore Ladies Choir conducted by Darius Lim.

Shoe Stories was first performed at TEDx Women Singapore in Dec 2009. Since then it has been performed over the years by different groups of people sharing their unique stories. This is a choral arrangement by Darius Lim and perfomed so beautifully by the VOCO Ladies Choir at Victoria Concert Hall in their inaugural concert in 2015.

Thank you VOCO.

The Original Shoe Stories @ TEDx Women Singapore. Music by Iris Koh, Lyrics by Iris Koh, Cindy Tyl  and Peggy Ling.

I got together this group of women to share stories about their shoes. We started out as strangers and by the end of the project, we experienced a connection that can only be described as profound because we walked a mile in each other's shoes, even if it was for a little while. In those moments, our differences melted away, walls disappeared and we felt heard, felt and understood. This remains today, one of my proudest works.

Psalm 142 and the Temptation Scene from The Francis Project 2019 by Greccio Friary.

This is one of my latest music from the Francis Project in which I was the Music Director and Vocal Coach. I feel so honoured to have been a part of this project, learning from the singers just as much as I have taught them. This will remain one of the truly special projects for me.

Voice in My Heart: Nada te Turbe, 

Music by Iris Koh.

This song is dedicated to Sr. Francisca, a Carmelite nun whom I got to know as a result of working on the St. Theresa's 500th anniversary musical in which I was a part of. I was inspired by the words of St. Theresa of Avila. Nada te turbe, (Let nothing disturb you), Nada te espante (Let nothing frighten you) , Solo dios basta ( God alone is enough) This song is meant to be sung Taize style (Repetitive and in a meditative style).  Apologies for my Spanish pronunciation. I wish others would record a nicer version. Please check out the karaoke version and share your versions with me. 

Carpe Diem Seize the Day Music and Lyrics by Iris Koh, Arranged by Eric Wong, Vocals Produced by Philip Lim, Vocals Performed by Carpe Diem Kids.

I wrote this song for Carpe Diem ChildCare Group on the invitation of my friend Jack Lim from The Red Planet Group. After I put it up on Youtube, I am pleasantly surprised by how many viewers it gained over the years. I love the simplicity of this song and I hope it will grow on you too. 

Myth of the Stone Song.

This song is inspired from the book Myth of the Stone 20th Anniversary Edition, written by Gwee Li Sui and published by Epigram Books. The lyrics and text from Oracle of the Stone. Original Music composed and sung by Iris Koh.


I will release this officially soon. Watch this space.